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KSF-620R2  FAQ

Q   What is Multiroom?  
A   Multiroom allows watching of more than one different channel in your home. The  
    KSF-620R2 allows you to watch two different channels in your home through one physical unit.  
Q   What is Dynamic Update?  
A   With dynamic update, the receiver will automatically detect changes in transmission  
    of services and updates itself without the need to scan. In simple terms, the receiver  
    will update any changes to channel offerings by itself without the need to do a manual scan.  
Q   How can you watch Multiroom?  
A   The Multiroom receiver behaves like two set top boxes but is physically only one.  
    It has two tuners, two sets of memory and processors on its main board allowing  
    it to operate like two receivers. It has two outputs which can be used to view two  
    different channels. Within the Multiroom, we call the two receivers Master & Slave.  
Q   Can I change a channel without affecting the other channel?  
A   Yes, you can. The slave receiver allows remote control function via the RF cable. This  
    allows changing of the channels from a remote location.  
Q   What are the most common uses of this receiver?  
A a) Installation in your main lounge and bedroom.  
  b) Watching one channel and recording another ( via your analog recorder, VCR etc )  
  c) MATV Headends. Allows reduction of number of receivers in headends.  
Q   How do you suggest I connect the receiver to my equipment?  
A a) From the Master receiver, connect to your main TV via RCA/AV ( or any of the SCART output ).  
  b) From the Slave receiver, connect to your second TV via the RF cable  
  c) Connect the RCA/AV out of the Slave receiver to your VCR  
  d) If your VCR has more than one Input, you can connect one of the outputs from the Master receiver as well.  
Q   I want to watch picture from both Master and Slave in my second room. Is this possible?  
A   Yes, this is possible. Do the following:  
  a) Loop your Antenna out of the Master receiver to Antenna In of Slave receiver.  
  b) Go into the setup of the Master receiver and change the RF Output channel to UHF 51 or any other free one.  
  c) Start the tuning on your second TV and stop once you find the picture from the Master.  
  d) Save to any of the free channel numbers available on your TV and then exit on your TV.  
Q   I have more than two TVs in the house, can I control the slave receiver from more than two rooms?  
A   Yes, you can. You can install an all  powerpass splitter and RF cabling to your other rooms from your RF  
    output of the slave receiver. You can then install additional room kits which will allow you to watch the picture  
    from the slave receiver and allow you to change the channel.  
Q   I use this receiver to watch one channel and record another. How do I change the channel on the  
     slave receiver without going to the second room to change the channel?  
A   In the main room, press the PAUSE button on the remote control for about two seconds and then release.  
    The receiver will switch to the Slave and the front panel will display "slave". Now you can change the channels  
    and also set up the second room receiver from the main room. Press the PAUSE button for two seconds  
    again to return to the Master receiver.  
    Note: This function is only available from software release 13.05.05.  
Q   I can no longer see the picture on the second tuner. It was working before. What could be the problem?  
A   It is possible that the second tuner is on standby. Press the standby button on the remote control from the  
    second room. Allow about 30 seconds for the receiver to start up.  

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